10 Points to Save Our Lungs in High Levels of Air Pollution

The pollution levels have been rising constantly in the city of Delhi and have reached alarming levels in the recent past, particularly at the onset of winters. These have multiple deleterious effects on our health, worst affected being the lungs. As all efforts are being made to control the air pollution, we need to protect ourselves and our families from this noxious air, till such time that these pollution controlling measures start to show their positive effects. We need to understand the severity of the present situation and take immediate actions.

1) Car Pool

Ask why to take out four cars from one location to another when you could easily fit in just one. Car Pool is a sure-shot way to tackle the black smoke that has engulfed our cities. Lower the number of cars on the road leads to less pollution. Do not hesitate to ask. It is not difficult.

2) Walk or Cycle

Avoid taking out a car for small things such as visiting a restaurant few yards away. Encourage yourself switching to walking. Another environment friendly option is cycling. Cycling is not just a great way to keep fit or shed calories but also it is pollution free. For covering the nearby distances why not walk or switch to cycles.

3) Online Shopping

Telecommute or going for online purchase is far better than going out to shop and contribute to the pollution levels.

4) Plant a tree

We have been hearing this slogan since we were kids but recall here, how many have you actually planted with your hands. It is true that the trees help in filtering the air and provide shade. Sowing plant by plant can help in keeping our surroundings clean and one day, there will be no need for uing air conditioners, which are a major menace to increasing pollution.

5) Recycle Paper

Though tough to stop using paper completely, it is imperative to save paper and recycle as much as you can. Recycling can help to avoid wastage. Harmful pollutants are released during the manufacturing process and play havoc with the environment. For instance, take print outs on both the sides or use paper bag or cloth bag.

6) Use fan over air conditioners

Air conditioner contributes heavily to global warming and therefore, it is better to switch to using fans as much as we can.

7) Organize and plan everything

Make a diary when you plan to make a trip for shopping or running errands. Try to plan and organize your travel in a go rather than making several trips and contributing to air pollution.

8) Stop Smoking

You may hate the censor board for smoking bans or advertisements during the movie-breaks in theatres but the matter of truth remains that smoking is extremely harmful for health as well as injurious to environment. Notable fact here we should know is that the air pollution released by cigarettes is 10 times greater than diesel car exhaust, making it necessary for us to take extra measures to stop smoking by all means.

9) Turning off lights and office equipments

When stepping out of the room, turn off lights immediately. Turn off office computers and other equipments when leaving the office premises. It is important to save resources because wasting resources is same as wasting quality of lives on the planet. This small step carries a great probability to combat big problems.

10) Maintain car

It is pivotal to maintain our cars or any equipment that emits gas or smoke. Accelerate gradually and keep your tyres inflated. Obeying traffic rules such as speed limits can help to save your life as well as many other lives on roads. Possessing zero-emission electric car would be the next best difficult technology in place with every one of us.

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