Ban on loose cigarette sales – will it be enough?

Spend five minutes standing next to a roadside paan-wala (hawker) and watch cigarettes fly out of his small stall. What will shock you is not the number of single cigarettes sold, but the ages of people buying cigarettes. You will see children walk up boldly, hand over money and walk away with cigarettes. Charge the seller and he will say – the child bought it for his father.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month – November 2014

He ignored everything, the cool breeze that ruffled his hair, the packed stadium with screaming spectators, all on their feet his teammates shouting and concentrated on just one thing – smacking the ball right out for a beautifully crafter six. He did just that, got a 77 off 35 balls at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot, conquering his game like he conquered his body and spirit in a fight against cancer!