A letter of Inspiration by a Daughter; Describing a Family’s Fight Against Cancer

Ghanshyambhai Ponkia is a resident from Junagadh and his story inspired us and thought to share with everyone. It was a first time when this 54 year old gentleman got sudden insidious swelling in his sole of left foot. He remained asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) for 3 months and developed swelling again at the same site again.

Final Diagnosis to Confirm About the Type of Tumor

It took lot of time and different labs to decide firstly poorly differentiated small cell tumor or epithelioid fibrosarcoma as provisional and then final diagnosis to confirm about the type of tumor. And here it showed Synovial Sarcoma. Then we consulted a surgical oncologist who performed wide excision of tumor locally which was followed by Radiotherapy for more than two months. This time biopsy was free from tumor tissues. This was the time when first season came across. Father remained asymptomatic for a year and being surrounded by medicos in family we decided to perform PET CT just to get assurity.

I was so damn confident and had a blind trust within that without any single symptoms this examination would surely reveal negative. But unfortunately I was all wrong and it showed nodules in lungs bilaterally. Soon after this i drenched myself in tears, full of fears, sorrow and grief clinging to my mind day & night. I stated began to pray, asking God for clarity, direction & peace.

Initially we didn’t let him know the report but steadily with positive response. My eyes couldn’t move an inch for several days from his moves whole day and night. I explained the fact and reality of type of cancer to my mother and somewhere deep within to myself. Despite of knowing that I was unable to accept the fact. But today marks 27 years of their togetherness of their marriage and I find myself reflecting over the gravity of their journey in learning what love & commitment really are & what vows really mean.(Thanks Maa). Though death, grief, pain, recurrent trauma, financial crisis and CANCER are grateful to have & endured suffering early in our lives.

“Suffering has refined us, not defined us.”

Soon after we decided to go Delhi for best results where Dr. Arvind kumar( robotic lung surgeon)
who treated my father ; surgery went quite well lasted for about 10 hours on 18th Nov’15. This was the harsh time took our breath away for whole day. Doctor called & showed & explained me all excised lung parts along with tumor & other healthy invading tissues. Unfortunately due to complicated site of tumor which was shocking to the extremity that I couldn’t digest at a time.

Love Above Fear

Dad, mom and me together we felt defeatable, uplifting dark corners of souls when it came for chemotherapy right after surgery. Ohh god months of chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, multiple surgeries and long hospital stays nearly turned me a different person what I was before 3 months. But love above fear. When my dad faced the tragedy and chose to overcome together with eye focused on God, we’ve gained greater perspective through his suffering and it refined us through it. By shedding light on this topic, i see hope, empowerment, full strength, and grace along with strong willpower and Faith in God move you forward. Father did it, bloody four times!!

Chemo period was extremely horrible and difficult whilst after that also staying at home in such uncomfortable zone, no routine work, not stepping out, as like a prisoner not releasing from a lengthy stint behind bars but No, he continued his routine job work after resting 2-3 days of each chemo cycle.

Fight Against Cancer

Truly His Fight against cancer has bought tremendous blessings & opportunity to live once again. Cancer can’t steal ones inner will power, one need to focus & have to be on mission and shouldn’t compare yourself with other cancer patient’s suffering.

When pain is over, the remembrance of it often becomes a pleasure

As of now we’re celebrating two years of cancer adversary, after settled down steps onto the ground living with powerful self-esteem and miracle of your own with second new life given by God and you don’t give a damn to anything.

My father showed up great strength to rub out this myth cancer means cancel!
Enjoy and cherish each moments.

Inspirational True Story Written by Jenny Ponkia

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