10 Points to Save Our Lungs in High Levels of Air Pollution

The pollution levels have been rising constantly in the city of Delhi and have reached alarming levels in the recent past, particularly at the onset of winters. These have multiple deleterious effects on our health, worst affected being the lungs. As all efforts are being made to control the air pollution, we need to protect ourselves and our families from this noxious air, till such time that these pollution controlling measures start to show their positive effects. We need to understand the severity of the present situation and take immediate actions.

Air Pollution in Delhi: Current Status and its Disastrous Effects on Health; A Doctor’s Perspective

The air pollution in Delhi has been worsening year after year. This winter, pollution has reached the worst levels, making Delhi air unfit for human habitation. For the last 1 month, Delhiites have been gasping for breath, coughing relentlessly, pneumonia cases are there in dozens and the emergency departments of all hospitals have been flooded with patients for nebulizers. The sale of antibiotics, nebulizers and other respiratory medicines has risen several folds.

Household Pollution – The Killer behind your doors!

Pollution, of any form, has always been a major concern for our society. Thanks to the list of mushrooming social organisation working for the conservation of the environment, we are now more aware about the various types of pollution and the effect on the society. But, how many of you really think that this pollution is present outside your doors, only?