God Bless You! – Lung Cancer and Social Stigma associated with it

Do you know why we say “God Bless You!” every time somebody sneezes? Well, the origin of the expression could be traced back to 500 AD.

During the outbreak of the bubonic plague in Europe, Gregory I, who was the Pope, then, ordered unceasing prayer for divine intervention in hopes of fighting off the disease. Sneezing was thought to be an early symptom of the plague and hence the blessing became a common effort to halt the disease.

Household Pollution – The Killer behind your doors!

Pollution, of any form, has always been a major concern for our society. Thanks to the list of mushrooming social organisation working for the conservation of the environment, we are now more aware about the various types of pollution and the effect on the society. But, how many of you really think that this pollution is present outside your doors, only?

Effects of Secondary Smoking

While the world health organization has termed tobacco a “gradual killer”, the number of tobacco consumer continues to grow rapidly. Sad as it may sound, this killer not only secretly kills the person smoking the tobacco but also any person around who inadvertently inhales the same.