Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Treatments and Precautions

When to Suspect Dengue Fever:

Dengue is commonly called bone breaking fever. The Fever of Dengue is generally not associated with shivering. After Viral illness of 4-5 days, Patient will start feeling better and then may be second peak that occurs after a gap of 3-5 days. The fever at the second time is generally associated with red spots all over your body.

So, in case you have

1) Bone Breaking Fever.
2) Fever with rash.

Consult the doctor immediately to rule out Dengue fever.

How to treat Dengue Fever

1. For Dengue Fever – Plenty of oral Fluids.

Patient suffering from dengue is advised to drink at least 3.0 litres of liquids in a day. (The Liquids can be: Coconut Water, Fresh Juice and Lemonades. Avoid aerated fluids like cold drinks etc).

2. The Second important thing is to check platelet count every day.

In dengue there is a declining phase – Platelets Counts (special cells in blood responsible for stopping any bleeding) start falling from normal (1-4 lacs) to 50000 in some cases.

We need to keep monitoring platelets monitoring daily

  • When platelets count <10,000 then the patient will need special white blood transfusion.
  • When platelets count ranges in between 10,000-50,000 : There is a severe bleeding and the patient needs to be admitted in the hospital for monitoring.
  • When platelets count >50,000 then the patient can be treated at home with rigorous monitoring.

The Platelets generally keep falling for 3-9 days and during the treatment they can start increasing. Increase in platelet count is a common sign of recovery against dengue. Moreover once the counts start increasing they are not likely to fall again.

How to Prevent Dengue:

  • Mosquito Nets: It is a common misconception that mosquito nets at night will protect from dengue. Dengue is caused by ‘Aedes’ mosquito which bites generally in the day time. As against the mosquito which causes malaria bites at night.
  • Stop Mosquito Breeding: This is the most important step to prevent dengue infection.
  • The things to remember are:

a)Do not allow rain water to collect in holes on streets, water bucket, puddles. Aedes mosquito breeds in fresh, non-salted water.
b)Put 1 teaspoon of oil in water coolers. Thin layer of oil will stop the oxygen supply for the mosquito and prevent breeding.
c)Use mosquito sprays in corners near sink and toilet.
d)Personal Protective Devices:

  • Currently there are gels as well as creams available which repel mosquitoes
  • Moisturizers: Dry Skin also attacks mosquitoes
  • Use common mosquito repellents available in the market with various common names like – Good Night, Allout, Baygon etc: Multiple Brands are also offering mosquito repellent room fumigation
  • Sunlight exposure of the rooms: Cold Damp rooms with poor ventilation and no sunlight exposure are good breeding grounds for mosquitoes. We must make sure that there is sunlight coming in the room for at least 2 hrs.

What to do in Dengue epidemic :

1. Do Not Panic: It is treatable in most patients
2. Voluntary Platelet aphaeresis donation

  • Donating Platelets is one of the safest forms of donation
  • In this our blood is circulated in a machine which collects only platelets
  • For Person who needs platelets it is equivalent to 6 units blood donations

3. Spread awareness
4. Drink lots of Fluids
5. Request MCD for Mosquito Spray in parks and colonies
6. Do Not allow stagnant water.
7. Use Mosquito Repellents.

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