Exercises before and after any Chest Surgery

Consult with your doctor or surgeon before you proceed with any of the exercises. Though exercises helps to reduce the side effects of your surgery and helps to lead a normal lifestyle, some exercises are not supposed to be done until drains and sutures (stitches) are completely removed.

1. Deep breathing exercises:

Do these exercises hourly during waking hours as much as you can in a comfortable way.

  • Sit in a chair or in upright in bed and relax your shoulder.
  • Take long, deep and maximum breath.
  • Hold your breath for a slow count of three.
  • Breathe out slowly.
  • Repeat for five times with gaps in between not to tire too quickly.

2. Huff Coughing

  • To begin, inhale slowly and deeply, and then hold your breath for three seconds.
  • Then do a forced exhalation, whispering the word “huff” as you quickly let air out.
  • Hold a folded towel or pillow firmly and support your incision to decrease pain.
  • After three “huffs”, do a strong cough while supporting your incision and drains.

3. Walking

  • Initially, after surgery, the best form of exercise is walking.
  • You should begin this as soon as possible.
  • Try to walk at a pace that leaves you slightly short of breath. If you are unable to move away from your bed space, you should march on the spot instead until you feel slightly breathless.
  • Also, you can climb up stairs.
  • At home, you should dedicate 30-40 minutes per day for walking.

General recommendations for walking:-

  • Wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes, preferably walking shoes or sneakers.
  • Do not exercise immediately after meals. Wait at least half an hour after a snack and up to an hour and a half after a large meal.
  • Walking should be done on level ground.
  • Diet control, exercise, and abstinence from tobacco will significantly improve your fitness level and your entire cardiovascular system.

4. Sit ups

  • Sit down and stand up at your place for 10 times every hour.
  • this will help your joint flexibility and decrease scar formation.

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