Effects of Secondary Smoking

While the world health organization has termed tobacco a “gradual killer”, the number of tobacco consumer continues to grow rapidly. Sad as it may sound, this killer not only secretly kills the person smoking the tobacco but also any person around who inadvertently inhales the same.

Ban on loose cigarette sales – will it be enough?

Spend five minutes standing next to a roadside paan-wala (hawker) and watch cigarettes fly out of his small stall. What will shock you is not the number of single cigarettes sold, but the ages of people buying cigarettes. You will see children walk up boldly, hand over money and walk away with cigarettes. Charge the seller and he will say – the child bought it for his father.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month – November 2014

He ignored everything, the cool breeze that ruffled his hair, the packed stadium with screaming spectators, all on their feet his teammates shouting and concentrated on just one thing – smacking the ball right out for a beautifully crafter six. He did just that, got a 77 off 35 balls at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot, conquering his game like he conquered his body and spirit in a fight against cancer!

Myasthenia Gravis Complications, Diagnosis and Treatments

What complications can occur with myasthenia gravis?

Myasthenic crisis:

When the muscles that control breathing are affected, it leads to a situation called myasthenic crisis where the breathing muscles start getting paralysed. This is a life threatening emergency and patient needs to be immediately intubated and connected to a ventilator to save life. Even if the ventilator is not available, putting an endotracheal tube (tube in the windpipe) and ventilating with a bag may save life, while the patient is being transported to a health facility with ventilator. On numerous occasions we have seen catastrophic situations and lives being lost on way to the hospital.

Myasthenia Gravis Causes and Symptoms

Myasthenia Gravis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects the voluntary muscles of the body. It may start from our eye muscles and slowly progress to involve other muscles including our breathing muscles, when it can become life threatening also. Typically, the weakness is least in the morning and starts increasing with increasing muscle activity. It is most obvious on repetitive work by the same group of muscles.

Robotic Chest Surgery in India – The Journey so far & the way ahead

The word “Surgery” has traditionally been synonymous with big cuts, blood loss, postoperative pain, numerous postoperative complications including wound infection, several days in the hospital, long time to recovery, prolonged absence from work and in many cases, death also. While many of these were due to the procedure itself, a lot of these problems were due to “opening” made in the body in order to be able to do the surgery. This “opening” or “access” to the target area traditionally required long cuts to go inside, which involved cutting the skin, muscles (as in abdomen) or muscles and bone (as in chest). Traditionally, surgeons have preferred making “long incisions” for wide exposure and hence the saying, “Big Surgeons Make Big Incisions.” While this has been very comfortable for the surgeons, it inflicted lot of trauma on the patient. The patient does get cured of the disease, but the quality of life did not necessarily improve because of the trauma of access (big incisions). The development of technology in the field of surgical sciences has always been with two major aims: “Make it easy for the surgeon” & “Make it least invasive for patient.” This led to the concept of “minimal access surgery” where the “same surgery” can be done without the large cuts and its trauma. With these aims in mind, endoscopy (laparoscopy) came on the horizon.